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The Original, Complete Front-Of-House Solution

What we do?

Innovative. Intuitive. Imaginative.

Host Concepts is pioneering restaurant front-end management by bringing interactive mobile technology to dining operations.

We help you turn the mundane tasks of managing guests and tables into a captivating experience; one that lets you send notifications, track reservations, wait lists, tables, coupons, promotions, special events and more, using the device your customers already have and love to use — their cell phone.

Host Concepts gives clients the ability to reach out to their customers, any time, at any place, with virtually any type of message. We've revolutionized the process of obtaining customer information in a fun, interactive, and eye-catching way. Once a customer has your message, they are free to forward it to anyone, instantly making your brand a viral phenomenon.

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Wait List

One-tap access to controls for each guest - prioritize, seat or remove instantly. You can make notes or receive SMS messages from guests in the interactive Notes / Messages field. Intuitive wait quote display; just tap to increase or decrease estimated wait time. Even access a rolling 6-hour history of seated guests and no-shows at a touch.

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One-tap access to controls for each reservation - seat, transfer to wait list or remove instantly. Make notes or receive SMS messages from guests in the interactive Notes / Messages field. Optionally assign tables anytime prior to guest arrival. At-a-glance auditing of reservation activity; guests seated, wait times, cancelations and more.

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Table Management

One-tap control for each table - assign one of four status conditions. Manage virtually any number of tables; label dining areas by name. Automatically synchronizes with any number of additional tablets for real-time, always-accurate table status. Define sections and assign servers. Manage server rotation. Change layouts on-the-fly.

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Guest Interaction

Entertainment and tools for your guests while they wait. Play customizable trivia while waiting. Create a profile, including gender, birthday, and email. View specials for the day. Provide immediate feedback about the experience.


  • July 2013 - Host Concepts has launched our new website.
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